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  • Percentage Cost of Sale Trustee Default Values – 8.0% for Real Property, $200 each vehicle

Ch.13 Calculation of Min. Distribution to Unsec Claims to Protect Non-Exempt Assets
Case Number: (ex. 20-98765)
Type of Asset: TOTALS
Determination of Non-Exempt Equity
Full Fair Market Value of Asset:
Percentage of Ownership (%):
Debtor’s Actual Gross Interest:
Total of Valid & Secured Loans:
Pro-rated Liens:
Debtor’s Equity:
Determination and Application of Exemptions
Type of Exemption:
Amount of Exemption:
Wildcard Exemption Used:
Total of Exemptions Used:
Calculation of Hypothetical Administrative Costs of Chapter 7 Trustee
Total Hyp. Ch 7. Trustee Fees:
Add. Hyp. Ch. 7 Admin Expenses:
Final Determination of Net Asset Values for Schedules A, B, and C
Debtor’s Actual Gross Interest:
Percentage Cost of Sale:
Hypothetical Cost of Sale:
Final Value for Schedules:
Pro-Rated Liens:
Net Equity:
Total Exemptions:
Min. Dist. to Priority and General Unsec. Claims to Protect Non-Exempt Equity
Minimum Distribution to all Unsecured Claims: